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Benin: Careless Handling of Medical Waste Could Cost Lives

Cotonou — Fifteen-year-old Aicha is one of the many spice vendors hawking their wares in the Dantokpa market, in Benin's economic capital, Cotonou. But a closer look at her tidy stall reveals a disturbing detail: the powdered spices are packaged in recycled medicine vials.


Kenya: Fertilizer Shortage Could Exacerbate Food Insecurity

Nairobi — Those Kenyan farmers who normally use fertilizer to boost yields could be forced go without this season (March-May) unless the government moves quickly to boost supplies. A senior government official told IRIN a complaint lodged by a major fertilizer supplier,


West Africa: 'Nothing Left but Dust and Sand'

Kaedi — Hunger has come again to the Sahel. "Since yesterday I have only drunk water," said Houley Dia, 60, a widow who lives in Houdallah, a village of the Fula ethnic group in southern Mauritania on the border with Senegal.


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