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Century Power plans to construct 495MW power plant in Nigeria

In West Africa, a Nigerian-based power generation company, Century Power has announced that it plans to construct a power plant in Nigeria that will produce 1,500MW of electricity, which will be fed into the nation’s power grid.

According to Media, the plant will be constructed in three stages at the Century Power Generation Plant in Okija, Anambra State, starting with 495MW, which is estimated to be finished in 2020.


Obama calls for more intra-Africa trade

“The biggest markets for your goods are often right next door. You don’t have to just look overseas for growth, you can look internally…it shouldn’t be harder for African countries to trade with each other than it is for you to trade with Europe and America,” he said. 

Obama was delivering a keynote speech to the African Union in Addis Ababa, the first sitting US president to address the body since its foundation in 2001. The speech capped off a five-day trip to Kenya and Ethiopia.


Ethiopia is 5th leading investor in Renewable energy in Africa

Ethiopia is the 5th major investor in renewable energy in Africa at US $ 100 million, according to the Renewable, Global Status Report, according to Capital. South Africa leads in renewable energy investment followed by Morocco, the second major renewable energy investor at US$ 2 billion.


GES: Kenyan firm that makes solar-powered bikes

A Kenyan company has come up with a solar-charged electric motorbike, an engineering revolution that could significantly change transportation.

Pfoofy Power & Light Limited has also set up one solar-charging station to address the demand for motorbike transport, famously known as bodaboda, in South Nyakach-Kisumu County.


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